Ferrari 458 Italia GT3

I’m pretty sure the new 458 Italia GT3 will be hard to beat this year. The overall level is constantly increasing in this cathegory (which, in my opinion, is one of the best gt class at the moment) and new cars like this help getting it more and more competitive. The 458 is already fast in stock version and with suspension, chassis, tire, brake, aerodynamic, engine upgrade by kessel, a rollcage, some kgs shaved off i really think it could reach the top. Some details  like the Motegi Racing wheels or the big rear wing are really wonderful. In the rear view you can see how much it is widened from the original one. The overall look of  the car isn’t ruined by alla the racing features but on the contrary they emphasize its shape. I haven’t seen yet the 458 GT2 in the flesh but the GT3 seems to be more balancede and less “wild”. The power output of the standard version is near 600 hp so speed won’t be a problem! I saw in some blogs the Vitaphone Racing team 458 GT3, interesting and well-known color scheme. Now i can’t wait to see it in action at Paul Ricard circuit in July. I’m also very curious to see the new McLaren mp4-12c and the Gullwing Amg sls. Oh, and don’t forget the upgraded Bmw z4, one of the best looking racing car of the last years. Here are some pics: unfortunately i didn’t manage to take a phpto of the rear in the pits but you can have an idea by the visual of the car in action.






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