Geneva 2011 – Concept Cars

Yeah, I know i’m a bit too late but finally i’m ready to post some images about Geneva Auto Salon 2011 or, like i should say, “Le 81e Salon International De l’Auto et Accessoires de Geneve”. It would be too hard to describe and show every release, concept,interesting item at hte show so i made a littel selection of what i consider the most exciting features. It is a collection of details, shapes, impressions, inspirations. I’m not a press photographer so it would have been impossible to take professional photos of the car, especially with all the people who crowd around. As usual, the top vehicles were the hardest to shoot so please consider i’ve done my best to grab all this stuff. Obviously some rides drew my attention more than others (i’m not really a fan of hybrids, electric vehicles etc.). This first part is dedicated to the most strange, exotic and eye-catching concept cars at the show. Enjoy the pics!












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