Personal Favourites: Bmw Z4 GT3

I want to start this category with a car I consider one of the sickest GT cars ever bulit: the Bmw Z4 GT3. It’s the successor of the beautiful Z4m Gt but for some reason it looks way better. It’s amazing to see it in photo and not to say in the flesh. It has become one of the crowd favourites thanks to its performances, look and to the fact that Team Need for Speed chose it as their car. Their livery gives this machine great presence on track and emphatize its unbelievable volumes. Long Hood, short tail, small cockpit, large fenders, a big front splitter and a bigger Wing are the ingredients that make the magic: It could be similar to a cartoon hero but every line is studied to improve performance. The engine is the same unit of the Alms Bmw M3 Gt2, another great car i would love to see in action: it’s a 500 hp v8 that makes the noise of a WWII fighter. I don’t know why ( maybe because i was so excited, maybe because it looks so damn good) but i like very much the photo i took last year. Unfortunately there are not so many perspectives  but i didn’t have a prees pass so i took them from where i can. I can’t wait to see the upgraded 2011 Z4, maybe from different angles.









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