Road to Wtcc – Monza one year ago

I’ve never missed Wtcc races in italy, it’s one of the category i love the most. I remember when it was called Etcc (European Touring Car Championship) and it was linked with Fia Gt: in the same week end you could see the most important European touring and gt series, it was amazing. Now that they’ve split up things has changed a bit but it’s still a joy to follow them. Maybe touring cars could appear slow, not so fancy and noisy but they embody the spirit of race where you’ve to make the best of what you have. The rules are pretty strict so with a little displacement (2000 cc NA OR 1600 turbo) and a basic aerodynamic the driver becomes the most important character. These races are always characterized by contacts, duels, hard challenges and cars are pushed to their limits and beyond just to exploit all the performances. Some drivers are true icons, I’ve seen them changing cars and teams but always being competitive and fighting hard to stay at the top. The series has been seriously touched by international crysis but i hpe new rules that introduced the turbo engines could bring fresh air and interest. It’s really a pity Alfa Romeo is no more racing, the rivalry with Bmw is so strong on track and seeing together struggling is true motorsport history. Checking the data of the 2011 Championship i saw some livery changes and unfortunately noticed bmw has given up the official team support. Bad news seem to never stop but i think the only way to help this world is to keep on show our passion and follow every event with enthusiasm and nearness.











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