Geneva 2011 – New cars – Italy

Here i’ll upload some pics of cars that are ready to hit the market in the next months or weeks. I have to split this article into 2 parts because i’ve too many images. In this first part there are some pretty wild releases from Italy. They’re all interesting in their own ways. You’ll find the first 4×4 Ferrari,  Pagani Huayra, Lamborghini Aventador. I have to admit i almost ignored some small, cheap or common cars but if you go to an international autosalon i suppose you’re not so much interested in this kind of things (anyway i’m not). I heard many viewers that were upset about Ferrari FF look, especially the back of the car: in my opinion it’s really really weel finished instead. Every stylistic choice that goes far from the ordinary production could appear not sharable but i think it’s an amazing project and probably one of the best interpretation of the shooting break concept. Lmborghini and Pagani are truly mental creation: both get attention and capture eyes. The aventador is a mix between the reventon and a transformer but is the natural evolution of the lamborghini design. The Huayra is a totally dofferent concept, a stunning creation designed by one man in every detail. I’ve to say it looks beatiful in the flesh, the bodywork panels seems to be made by silk. Only the front end is a little bit disappointing, with that “fish-mouth” look. But your life would be better if you could see one of them.enjoy!












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