WTCC 2011 at Monza – Learn to fly

The World Touring Car Championship is obviously the main event during the Wtcc week-end. Although touring cars have not the best engine sounds, although they’re are not the fastest cars or the most exotic, their appeal comes from the unbelievable challenges they can give life to. Every machine has more or less the same performance as its competitors, so it’s all a matter of driving ability. With new rules you’ve the opportunity to see 1.6 turbo petrol engine, 2.0 na engine and 2.0 turbo gasoline engine compete against each other. Gasoline engine have more torque and better exit from turns, na engine have years and yeras of development while new turbo engine (more or less the same you can find in the new wrc cars) represent the future of this sport. The engine on the Chevrolet Cruze in particular was amazingly fast, so the struggle for the final victory of the two races was private Chevy businness. i Followed the first race at the Prima variante, the second one at the Seconda variante (Roggia) so i was able to capture some interesting moments, such as those instants where the car is on two wheel after hitting the curbs. This give you an idea of how fast they go round the track. It’s almost impossible to show how near they struggle, how many times they touch their competitors, how many corrections and moves they have to make to mantain their positions and their cars on the asphalt strip. Speaking of sport results, team Chevrolet dominated both races with their racers fighting hard with no holds barred. Behind them old Bmw with new turbo engine put on a big battle with the diesel Seat leon with a lot of overtakes. It was a pure pleasure for eyes although being Monza such a lon racetrack races were limited to 9 laps each. This sound very disappointing but on the other hand this means drivers have to go full throttle for all the 52 km of the race without strategies or calculations. here are some pics, i’ll post soon an article in which we’ll discover all the new liveries of  2011 cars.













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