Maserati Trofeo Granturismo MC 2011

In 2010 i saw fir the first time the Maserati Trofeo Granturismo and it didn’t really impressed me much. Well i mean the car is great looking, has a good engine note and it’s pretty fast round the circuit but there was something that left me a bit disappointed. The car seemed to have a good potential but not totally exploited. It was the same impression i had seeing it racing in GT4 championship. The main problem were the dimension (lines are so good you don’t perceive immediately that it’s huge), the weight and the lack of downforce. But it looks like they read my mind because this year things have changed, and in a good direction. The car has a rather big new extractor and a bigger front splitter: these solutions help reaching a higher downforce at speed. Exhaust has less noise restriction so it sounds way better (something like a muscle car) and allows the car putting 490 hp on the rear wheels, which is a good amount of power for a car that weights less than 1500 kg. The result is a more thrilling action, a wild engine noise and more challenges between drivers. The main problem is still drivers level: there are some experienced pilots but (in my opinion) some gentlemen drivers are too slow, something like 10 seconds per lap: that’s truly disappointing and sometimes dangeruos. Anyway i was able to take  some photos so enjoy them!











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