Formula Renault 3.5 Series

There’s something around Renault sport and race cars: they’re so right, so functional, so well made that they seem to have really nothing in common with many production cars. Technical choices, set up, construction: everything tell a story about knowdlege and experience. The same concepts apply to the formula units like the 3.5 ones. Altough it’s a mono-brand propaedeutic trophy the overall level of cars, teams and drivers is excellent. You can really feel that professional atmosphere, the feeling you’re watching something that is made by capable and determined people. The car has many details that remind to formula 1 cars, especially the 2008 ones (the last year with smaller front wing and low rear wing. It can be compared with a Gp2 but it’s a little less powerful (about 480-500 hp) and less extreme. One thing you immediately notice is the quiteness of the exhaust: it’s equipped with longer pipes that help keeping the noise under international limitations. In my opinion it’s a pity because it can rev til 8700 rpm and it would be awesome to hear it clearly. Unfortunately i could only follow the events from the end of the main straight so i’ve almost a unique angle to shoot. But it was a great zone to catch burning brakes disks, overtakes and wheel locks. So take a look at the F1 inspired liveries and some race action.












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