Geneva 2011: New cars – World

So this is the next to last post about Geneva Autosalon 2011: here i’ve uploaded some of the best creations which are about to hit the road in the next weeks. We can find the upgraded version of the mighty Lexus Lfa ( which in my opinion doesn’t need that rear wing), the Incredible Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport with its semi transparent carbon finished paint, new Bentley Continental Gt with its wonderful and armonic lines that now give it a better and sexier look. You might think that the Bmw M1 was not the fastest or the most exotic car at the show – and you would be right – but this is one the most desiderable machine i’ve come across in last months. It reminds me of the glorious 2002 turbo and has that “M” feeling that make you think you’re about to have fun. Anyway, there are other mental cars like the crazy Koenigsegg Agera, probably the widest thing with four wheels in the world, the new 2012 Nissan GTR  with 50 more hp, the retro-futuristic Spyker Aileron, Dodge Challenger Srt8, a powerful Jaguar Xj RS with a stupid color and some un-necessary aero parts and the always beautiful Gullwing Sls.
















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