Geneva 2011 – New cars – Motorsport

So finally this is the last post about the swiss event: although there were not so many race cars at the show ( or anyway not enough for my taste ) i was able to see some cool features. One thing that really captured my attention was the new Ford Fiesta WRC. Everybody had just seen it on the web, with factory livery, but having it in front on me in the flesh with full official race colors was a totally different feeling. Its proportion are just insane, it reminds me a Hot Wheels or a slot car: it’s so low and wide you can’t believe it’s in keeping with any techincal regulations. Its shorteness increases the similarity to an out-of-scale micromachine. It seems that power comes out of every body panel, from every screw, from every inch of rubber. Its competitor, the car of the greatest rally driver – Sebastien Loeb – is the Citroen Ds3 which is small car (more or less the same size of yhe Fiesta) but a bit less impressive to see. No doubt about its effectiveness (it just won last rally in Argentina). Probably the most important race concept at the event was the Porsche 918 RSR: it’s a study for a future Hybrid racecar based on the wonderful 918 spyder presented last year that will hit the road in a fwe months. Its lines and volumes are near perfection, there are also some details that reminds to the great 917, one of the most succesful race cars aver made. The real race version will be a littel different i suppose – some parts like the rear wing, exhaust, front splitters are definitely unsuitable for race use – but this is a good way to have an idea of the future of  motorsport for Porsche. Near the 918 there was the upgraded versione ot the 911 Gt3 RSR Hybrid, a useful moving lab  to evolve this technology. Speaking of Hybrid i’ve to show you some pics of one of the best looking racing prototype, The Peugeot 90x, the natural successor of the stunning 908 Hdi. It shares many components with its predecessor but thanks to a smaller engine it’s more compact: the most visible improvement is the big vertical fin, introduced by new regulations to avoid high speed flip. This car is supposed to use an Hybrid system to add more power and decrease fuel consumption, a very useful issue in a long endurance race. Altough i’m not a big fan of Peugeot it’s hard to not consider this project a true joy for enthusiast: some parts seem to be more related to aerospatial technology than to a car. I’ll see this car (and many others) in Imola, next month, can’t wait!


















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