Auto Gp 2011

Auto Gp is a new category that started in 2010 so this is the second season of this particular championship. The idea is quite simple and it comes form USA: a realtively low-budget trophy (almost the same cost of a F3 season) but with a more poweful car and rich prizes. In every race of the season – the championship is made by 7 appointments – there is a prize fund of 100.000 euros which are shared between the top 3 drivers. It’s an interesting concept because obviously it attracts many drivers and teams who want to take all that money. Seeing the cars in action i found something familiar, than i understood they’re the “old” Lola used in the now-dead A1 Gp championship: they’re recognizable by some peculiar lines like the airscoop, the vertical fin over it, the lateral air intake for radiators. It’s clear this is not a new design but with some upgrades and the powerful 3400 v8 Zytek engine to push it this machine is the 3rd fastest one-seater in europe, behind F1 and GP2. It’s also almost 1 second faster than the Formula Renault 3.5 i made the post on some days ago and with no silencers it also has a wonderful engine note. Being a young competition it’s a bit hard to recognize teams and drivers: there are some good paint schemes although i remember with a bit of sadness these cars in national liveries during the A1 Gp championship which took place some years ago and that, in my opinion, was one of the most innovative ideas in motor racing. I also partecipated to a contest to design the livery of the Dutch team: i was among the 10 finalists but i have to admit the graphic which took the victory was really amazing. Anyway let’s go back to present, here you can find some shooting i made at Variante della Roggia, it’s a pity i can’t trasmit you the power of that sound.







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