The perfect storm

Like my previous trip to Monza, more than ever, last Sunday was a really “sliding doors” situation. I had expected this appointment for months (or even years), the “Coppa Intereuropa”, but as always weather was definitely not on my side. No hopes from weather forecasts, no hopes from looking at the sky. An entire night of rainstorms, cold wind and no signs of clear sky anywhere. at 6:00 o clock we had to start but it seemed inconceivable. We decided to wait a little and at 7:30 rain stopped for a few minutes: that was our only chance. So we headed to our destination without much expectations but with the will to try. Fortune favours the braves (they say) and we were brave enough to enjoy an incredible day of enthusiasm, passion, atmosphere, emotion. On balance i was right to be afraid of losing all this goodness. It was a pefect storm because it allowed us to enjoy the action without too many problems, only some raindrops. In late afternoon after an hour of rain sun came out giving the day an even bigger epic air. And it will be a perfect storm because i’ve to post hundreds of images i’ve taken. So be patient (it’s a hard work to visualize, choose, edit over 1000 photos) and you will see many worthy things.








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