McLaren M8C

Go big or go home. And this is truly big. Big like the emotion to see such a car in the flesh. Big like the “big banger” that pushes it. But let’s go step by step. One of the main events of the Coppa Intereuropa week end was the Can-Am race. Unfortunately only few cars were able to race but i was so excited it was well worth anyway. You can’t speak about Can-Am without thinking at McLaren and the wonderful M8 series: it’s definitely an iconic car thanks to hits wonderful shape and to its numbers. It’s equipped with one of the biggest engine i’ve ever seen on a racetrack: it’s not a coincidence that it’s called big banger. It’s a Chevy engine, a 8100 cc V8 monster that can put something like 750-800 cv to the ground which are pretty impressive numbers for a car that was built in 1970. Imagine to control this madness without traction control, electro-actuated semi-automatic gear shifting, automatic clutch, modern tires, carbo-ceramyc brakes, carbon monocoque, advanced aerodyanimc, active suspensions: Only your hands, your feet and your skills. Seeing and hearing it on the track is just amazing: there are not so many cars (and categories) that can ravish your attention and your sense and give you that little stomachache thais a mix of fear,admiration, excitement. The noise (but the music would be more proper) is astounding, you can hear it in any point of the track, of the paddock, of the parking aerea, maybe even outside. It’s like a WW 2 fighter at full speed. We must be very thankful to the people who keep these pieces of history alive: thank to them even if i was born in the 80’s i can enjoy things like these. I’m very proud of these shoots, the calm in the box really emphasize the sense of sacredness of the moment. I hope you will agree with me.











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