Different Offices

One good thing about appointments like the Coppa Intereuropa is obviously that you have the opportunity to see many different cars belonging to many different countries, categories, years. And looking at their interior you can really have an idea of what it means to drive these legends. Eveybody is now used to see on tv F1 drivers who are stuck in their little cockpit with all those absurd buttons and commands on the futuristic steering wheel. But in 50’s, 60’s,70’s and 80’s things were a little bit different. Watching nowadays the place were pilots put their hands and legs you really feel afraid: no safety measure, no protection, only thin metal sheets, tubular frames and sometimes a little padding where body parts were in contact with the chassis. Truly unbelievable. And it’s almost the same for other classes’ cars. But every element, every detail spreads history and passion, from the wooden gearshift to the analogic rev counter with homebuilt limiter indicator, from the amazing plianness of the steering wheels to the absence of displays, leds and electronic units.That is true automotive poetry. You can’t definitely not fall in love with this stuff. Photos are a mix from 50’s formula 2 cars to american muscles, from abarth goodness to sport Prototypes of the 60’s and 70’s and historyc formula 1. I hope everyone could understand how much bravery and ability were necessary to bring back home your car and your life


















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