Rally della Lanterna – Day 2 – Action!


Fighting against weather condition on saturday i decided to try to catch some action during speed trials. So i reached the areas where the courses were set and found myself some good positions to shoot.  The curve you see in the upper image is a very popular point of the track because it’s simple to reach and offers enough space for a good crowd. Race cars have then to pass on the same road you have to do to get there so you’ve the opportunity to see them two times within few minutes and few meters. It’s always a strong feeling to be near to a WRC monster, even better considering that  now that they’re no more allowed to race in many championships. There is a good cjoice of sounds and speed because after them there is a fleet of 2wd, 4wd, NA, Turbos from  low-modified street oriented minicars to big powerful race machines. The impression of speed is even stronger beacuse you see these talented drivers struggling on common roads, with all dangers and obstacles you don’t have to afford on a proper racetrack: trees, holes, guard rails, walls, stones, jumps, blind turns and hundreds of unexpected factors. Ther is almost no time for reactions and it’s nice to see drivers action in order to keep their cars on the road bringing as much speed as they can. In my opinion it’s more difficult to capture images in rallies than classic strack races because there always is no space and no time. I’ll have to make a lot of experience in this field because i’m not satisfied at all. Anyway enjoy my attempts!















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