Coppa Intereuropa 2011 – Engines

Ok, so here is another selection directly from motorsport heaven. These images refer to the heart of the racecar, the engine: and you can see how far they can be, from little and simple 4 cylinders low displacement to fully equipped f1 v8, every technical scheme you can imagine. Flat, V-engine, in line: this is what automotive passion is all about. It’s impossible not to be amazed when you look at this mechanical perfection. You can object that some parts are not the original one but that’s why these motors are currently used for historical competition so you have to prevent them from mechanical issues and sometimes it’s difficult to find period correct spare parts.  Apart from that it’s beautiful to see how things work, to detect every single part and what’s its role into the device: and it’s easier when there’s no electronics or too much hydraulic systems. I really think these shapes and pieces are a milestone in design and technology history and they definitely deserve the respect due to them. I’m pleased to see that in those years drivers had blind trust in what was around them, without any advanced management system to inform them about what was happening, only some gauges and their feeling.
















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