Lancia Stratos

This one of the most epic car rally races have ever seen. At that time rallies were dominated by prototypes like this, built with the exact purpose of winning without any compromise. You can guess it looking at its lines. It has a light chassis built around a ferrari engine (the Dino engine, a 2.4 v6 with almost 200 cv: not a great racing unit but more than enough for a car so small and light) which is mounted transversally behind the driver. Its geat look comes from the magic pencil of Bertoen who designed it in 1973 and still it’s a marvel to see in the flesh. Recently a german manager used many scuderia parts to built a modern Stratos and Fiat group seems to be very interested of creating a limited production hommage to this italian icon. At the Rally della Lanterna this red model was driven by former F1 pilot Erik Comas who showed everybody what it means to have a top-level driving career. The owner of this car spent more than 100.000 euros to have it and claimed to restore it in the full original livery.









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