Rally Lanterna 2011 – Service Park and miscellaneous

One truly good feature of rally races is the opportunity to be close to cars and mechanics. This is possible because during race week-end the service park is the place where racers have to many times before and after special stages. So it’s a good occasion to grab some detailed shots, see team members working on cars, feel the atmosphere of sport. Top cars are really interesting to see in the flesh because it’s visible what they’ve in common with their road-going counterparts and what is especially desgned for racing. And it’s also amazing to see how quick and and skilled mechanics are in changing parts and setup: rules are very strict for absistence, there is few minutes after many special stages so you really have to exploit every second. Besides teams areas then there is a full world of stuff connected to races: special road cars, promotional stands, daily driven rally replicas. So it’s nice to observe a rare Ford Focus Rs 500 in full matt black livery (a 350 cv front wheel drive monster but i suppose this model had some hidden upgrades) or a huge Ferrari 599 Fiorano with HGTE pack, an evergreen Lancia Delta Evoluzione. Another ride that really caught my attention was a limited edition widebody Magneti Marelli Alfa Mito with engine and visula upgrades painted in a particular bordeaux paint. I don’t know if it will be released but it’s a good way to give more personality to this car that – in my opinion – isn’t exactly what a modern Alfa should be.















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