Browsing through the pits – Part1

You might think that this series of posts about the 2011 edition Coppa Intereuropa will never end. Well things are a little bit different, i’ve to admit it’s true i’ve just posted many pics but it’s impossible not to be excited in situations like these. Expect to see about 50-60 more images to complete the coverage. Next photos have been taken walking in the paddock and looking around to find something interesting to grab. So thre is not a logical order or calssification just to give you the idea of the density of coolness i was in front of.  It would need thousands of pages to describe the feeling of being in presence of the Lotus 91 F1 ,driven 30 years ago by Elio De Angelis, in the marvellous John Player iconic livery. This color scheme in in my opinion one of the ten best racing style ever made: in this “hall of fame” i would put the martini racing Delta, gulf 917, rothmans Williams and some other gorgeous machines. Anyway beside the Lotus you can sse the Nissan r90 wich unfortunately wasn’t able to run on sunday: i’m a huge fan of group c cars so i hope to see it working next year. Going on there are some milestones in racing developments like small formula 2 and open-wheel one-seater from the 50s to the 70s, a blue Alfa Gt, a wild Shelby Cobra, a scary black M8c Mclaren-Chevy Can-Am and many many more. i’m still deciding how to arrange alla the images i’ll have to post in the next days, for the moment enjoy these pieces of automotive and engineering history!





















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