Last time in Imola: 2009

Almost two years have passed since the last race i saw in Imola. It was a Wtcc Week end and i have the opportunity to explore almost every part of the track during the day. The course is awesome also after al the changes that have been done after the dramatic accident of Ayrton Senna 17 years ago and it’s a pity that F1 hasn’t come back yet. Terraces are old and defintely need some maintenance but they transmit all the history charme of other eras. It’s exciting to sit where thousands of people have seen those drivers and cars who made motorsport history. The upper part of the track is truly scary: uphills and downhills are amazingly steep and you can’t have an idea if you don’t see them with your eyes. drivers have to struggle and fight phisycs and fear to keep their ride on the road. In some parts of the circuit braking points and curves are totally blind: this really makes the difference beetween fast drivers and champions. I’m very curious to see some really quick and nice cars (like Lmp1 Audi and Peugeot) go round the track, i suppose i could grab a few good shots. For the moment i’ll upload something to let you see some angles and positions where i’ll be shooting on sunday. There is also a bonus huge vertical pic, enjoy it!













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