28° Meeting 500 @ Garlenda – Cars

I’ve always been very curious about the International Fiat 500 meeting at Garlenda but for some reasons i had never been there. This year i decided to take a look at it, in order to see how could it be to see tenths of these little historical compact machines altogether. During the three days of the event this little town is turned upside down because hundreds of owner and enthusiasts crowd the streets around it. When i was heading there it was so unusual to be surrounded by all these little cars. The meeting takes place on a patch of grass and beside cars there is a stage with live music, gastronomic stands, second hand/vintage markets, gadgets, attractions for kids and visitors. Obviously i was mainly interested in cars so i started walking among them to find some cool exemplar to shoot. My biggest regret is that there were a lot of non-period-correct  models, which are funny but honestly not of great interest to me. So i tried to isolate my favourite 500s and focus on them. It was nice to see that many owners have come a long way to be part of the event, from all Europe to England or even from Australia,Japan,Usa and many more. This just to give you an idea about the the size of its success and echo. In this selection you’ll see different approaches to this passion: for example some pristine models with their original colors and finishing , race-oriented little monster, Abarth goodness and funny interpretations. You won’t see all cars or the most exhotic or strange but only some of the ones in my opinion wear the proper way to be part of this event. enjoy this mega-coverage with more than 20 pics of these metal turtles!

























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