Intercontinental Le Mans CUP @ Imola – Panoramas

Yeah i know it’s kind a clichè now that many smartphones can easily produce panoramic views by merging photos but it’s still funny to make them, especially when the subject is such a wonderful thing. During last Sunday race in Imola ( which i will cover with maaaany posts in the next days, stay tuned) i had the time to take some landscape photographs from the most interesting points of the track. The morphological conformation of the circuit area allows to have great viewpoints thank to the altitude variation.

This is the view from the roof of the box building with the starting grid in the making

Then ew have the view of the Tosa curve, an uphill hairpin turn were it’s possible to try overtakes

From the hill over the Tosa curve exit we have the beautiful sight of the first part of the track and Imola town. Now you understand why i’m more addicted to old historical circuit than silly new courses in exotic countries?

This is what you see form the hill over Rivazza curves: this two turns have to be done in a unique trajectory. It’s visible the steep downhill off the straight after the Variante Alta

After the Rivazza the course finish into the finishing line zone, after 3 straights spaced out by light curves. This part of the track can be modified for any cathegory, for example motorbikes races use a tight chicane to cut speed and increase overtake opportunities.

Unfortunately i didn’t manage to get panoramic views of the Acque Minerali zone which is an epic point because of the steepness of its curves. I promise you i will complete this overview as soon as i can!


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