Madonnina dei Centauri 2011 @ Alessandria

There has never been posts on motorbikes till now in this blog. I mean, i’m a big fan of motorbike races, especially sbk and i’ve followed it many times in the past. But for many reasons i prefer to se cars on the track. And they’re also easier to shoot. Anyway i decided to head up to one of the biggest and oldest event in Italy: this meeting has a great tradition and every years thousands of 2-wheels enthusiasts come to this town and put it upside-down. People come from all Erope to join this happening and parade through city streets. Here you can really see strange things from race replicas to old scooters, harleys, grand tourers, cafè racers and everything goes on 2 wheels. The mass of different sounds is just amazing and after some time it’s really hard to resist. It would be impossible to cover all the event or find some particular ride to make a post on, so i tried to capture the mood, the atmosphere of this goergeus day.












Even Garibaldi didn’t want to miss the event


This guy seems to have a strange concept of “2 wheels”



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