Lamborghini Murcielago GT1 flamethrower

This post is an extension of a photo i’ve posted in the early days of this blog. During last year GT1 race at Le Castellet one of the thoughest thing to shoot were the massive flames that the Lambos spit out every gas-release. Well, almost every race car has this caratheristic because the exhaust is less complicated than road version which have to keep noise and emission low and, with huge amount of fuel throwed into the clinders, easily some drops goes into the headers and then in the pipes. The result are flames that come out when the driver is not accelerating and some petrol is still injected to cool down the engine and keep it ready to rev again. But every car does it its way: in some cases it’s quite unperceivable, other like the Murcielagos tuned by Reiter Engineering are true flamethowers. Evey lap punctually in the same points of the track they showed this peculiar effect and every lap punctually i was there to try to capture it. I hope next Sunday their setup will allow this scenographic flames.








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